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Artist | Animator | Interactive Producer | Interactive Designer | Interactive Writer | Art Instructor

A background in film and visual arts, Danielle King has been working since 2006 on narrative-driven projects.

Danielle instructs art classes around Manitoba. She specializes in all types of traditional animation (stop motion, cel, flip, silhouette, motion painting, etc.), but also enjoys instructing Painting, Drawing, Multimedia, Mixed Media, Ceramics, hardware/software courses. She shares student animations here. Danielle works with all ages and skill levels.

Danielle has been instrumental on creative, organizational and business aspects of artistic projects in Winnipeg. Over the past 6 years she has played a key role in artistic-driven for-profit and non-profit companies.

Best known for excellent time management and versatility, she balances her time between managing budgets and multiple teams, instructing art classes, and organizing programs and events.

As a Producer, her biggest project to date is Clandestine: Anomaly, a mobile AR Sci-fi game. Click here for a list of awards given to it and for top 10 lists that compare Clandestine: Anomaly to Pokémon Go.

You might have also seen her other mobile projects: Cinémental 25, Friends and Other Magic, Trades Town, and the Fossil Discovery Adventure. Danielle’s next project dives into the world of Virtual Reality.

You can purchase her digital work here or email below for more information.


Top 7 Tidbits about Danielle King:

  • She is the Director of the Forum Art Centre. She coordinates 4 seasons of sessions plus workshops, communicating with 20+ instructors and over 600 students per year.
  • She was the 2015-2016 President of The Manitoba Society of Artists. She is now the Vice-President for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.
  • She is married to her business/creative collaborator, Corey King. Among many projects that they work on together, a notable project is  #HerArtHisWords that combines Danielle’s digital work with Corey’s poetry.
  • Danielle has been instructing art classes at the Forum Art Centre since 2012. She especially enjoys working with Children and Teens doing all forms of art.
  • She does low-cost jobs (for free or honorarium) to help strengthen the Winnipeg artistic community who otherwise could not afford to pay full price for services, which includes: building and maintaining websites, photographing and digitally editing art for printing, designing posters / pamphlets / booklets / invitations, capturing event photography, answering general IT questions, and setting up computers/software.
  • Danielle is involved in The Winnipeg Arts Council’s WITH ART and YOUTH WITH ART Programs. She was also previously involved in the Manitoba Arts Council “Artists in the Schools” Program and specialized in Paper Animation.
  • She doesn’t eat meat and is fuelled every morning with a cup of strong black coffee.

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Danielle King is most interested in themes on dualities, dreams, mirroring and the female form.

Her work stands out as darkly playful, introverted and highly detailed, ignited with copious amounts of coffee.

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Have a question? Use the contact field below to get in touch.

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